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How to make a chunky knit blanket

How to make a chunky knit blanket

Supersoft, warm and not to mention beautiful, chunky knit blankets are the perfect couch accessory for a chilly night binge-watching your favorite shows in comfort and style. So you are probably not alone in wondering how you can make yourself one to match your home decor and snuggle in peace. The reality is, they are relatively simple to make. Some of the simplest patterns can be done by a total beginner and thanks to the larger-sized wool and its chunky nature you don’t even need a set of knitting needles for some of the techniques. Read on to find out more and sign up for an account to buy your supplies with MeriWoolArt.


Materials needed for DIY chunky blankets

If you are going to knit a traditional chunky knit blanket then you will want the largest gauged set of knitting needles you can get your hands on and several skeins of your preferred chunky wool. Other useful supplies to have at your disposal include a tape measure, scissors, and a thick sewing needle one with a large eye-hole, suitable for silks and wool. However, we are going to talk you through a super simple hand knitting technique that allows you to forgo the needles altogether and make yourself a snuggly chunky knit blanket for the cost of the wool alone.


The best yarns for chunky blankets

Although there are a lot of different types of wool on the market these days as crafters ourselves we always recommend natural materials over synthetics. The best kind of yarn for a chunky blanket is 100% natural wool and the cruder the better. If a yarn is over-processed then it is tighter; chunky blankets benefit from a finer thread with less processed fibers because it produces a much fluffier end result. If you are making a blanket then comfort is key and the softer the better, right? Merino wool is one of the finest, making it a great wool choice. The merino sheep is known for its finer, softer fleece and its wool is used in luxury apparel worldwide because it feels great next to the skin. It doesn’t scratch or irritate your skin and is naturally antibacterial too. Some wool can make you too warm, but natural merino wool wicks away excess moisture from the skin, therefore, merino wool blankets keep you warm and cozy without making you sweat. How much yarn you need to make a chunky knit blanket is dependent on the pattern you are following but on average you are going to be looking at purchasing 100 meters of wool. The hand knitting technique As we already hinted in our introduction, you don’t necessarily need knitting needles to work with such a chunky type of yarn. You can instead knit it by hand because the stitches are loose enough for your fingers to work through or you can even make a very loose blanket using your arms as knitting needles. Step by step guide to DIY chunky knit blanket Below you will find the steps to create a small, simple, hand-knitted chunky knit blanket measuring approx. 50 x 30 cm.

Step 1

Start with a slip knot Tie a knot at the end of your wool then create a loose loop then pull your working yarn through the loop to make a slip knot.

Step 2

Initial chain row Now chain your initial 16 stitches by reaching some fingers through your first slip knot to grab the working yarn and create another loop, repeating the process 15 times. Make sure to keep them loose. With your last loop flip your chain vertically.

Step 3

Braided bottom Flipping the chain in the last stitch of your initial chain row will have created a loop, angle that loop upwards. Now place your finger through the middle of your next chain stitch and reach for your working yarn. Pull it through to make a second loop and repeat the process throughout the chain to create your second row of loops. Make sure each is angled upwards and is uniform and loose.

Step 4

Remaining rows Continue with the same process flipping the project each time until you have completed 30 rows. Make sure you ignore the first loop on each new row to achieve a braided edge.

Step 5

Finishing To finish, take two loops into your hand, then pull the working yarn through to make another loop. Then take the new loop and grab the next so you once again have to and repeat the process until you reach the end. Pull the yarn through the final loop, to create a small, unnoticeable knot.

Get your top-quality merino wool

Making a chunky knit blanket with your hands is super easy. Chunky merino wool is the best resource for the projects. At MeriWoolArt our merino wool is 100% natural wool, there is nothing added to the mix. It comes from real merino sheep and is mulesing-free as we are conscientious about how our wool is sourced. It is especially thick and the softness of our super chunky merino wool is measured at 25 microns which is about as lux as it gets. It comes in a 200-meter reel suitable for making a king-size blanket with just one skein. Making an account is so easy and you could be shopping in minutes.


How many stitches do you need for a chunky blanket?

For your initial line of chain stitches, you are probably looking at an average of 50 loops/stitches. But this depends on how tight you want it knitted, so find a pattern to follow and see what it says.


How much does it cost to make a chunky knit blanket?

It depends on the thickness and the pattern followed. How chunky are we talking and how ornate? On average the cost of wool alone for a chunky knit blanket sits between the 50-100 dollar mark. If you opt for high-quality wool then it isn’t a cheap knitting project but the end product really speaks for itself. You will love your chunky knit blanket and the PJ days with it proudly wrapped around you will be worth every penny.


What yarn do you use for chunky blankets?

Blankets need to be super soft and comfortable. They are ultimately used to keep you warm but synthetic and blended wools can cause overheating as they are less breathable. Most agree that merino wool is the finest wool to use for any knitting project. This is because it is naturally far softer. It feels great against your skin and has natural antibacterial properties. It will keep you warm without allowing you to overheat.


How many balls of yarn does it take to make a blanket?

This depends on the size of the skein you are purchasing but you will need an average of 100-200 meters depending of course on your pattern and the size you are going for. If you are buying from MeriWoolArt our Super Chunky Merino Wool is sold in 200-meter reels at 4.5 kg of wool you have enough for an entire king-size blanket.


What size needles for blankets?

If you are going to use needles instead of hand-knitting then you will want what is referred to as a giant knitting needle. An average knitting needle most commonly used is around 5-8 mm so you will want something 10 mm+ for your project.


How many loops do you need for a blanket?

It depends on the size but if you are making a king-size blanket at around 180 cm in length you are probably going to want somewhere between 40 and 60 loops. This again is down to the size you want the holes whether you want a loose-knit or tight-knit chunky blanket.


How long does it take to make a chunky knit blanket?

With the hand knitting technique we have shared, once you have the idea in your head it can be super-quick to make a chunky knit blanket. Anyone who has knitting skills already can make one in an hour max.


How do you start the second row of a chunky blanket?

Once you have your initial row of chain stitching you are going to want to change the direction of your working wool. All you need to do is pull your working wool through your last loop by going under, then twist the new loop of wool so you can work the opposite direction. It is useful to move all of your wool to the other side of your table or surface as well when working with heavier wool on such a large scale.


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