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Kategorie: Chunky Merino Wool 2 cm 23 micron

We know understanding yarn size can be a bit baffling, especially for beginners! Most of the confusion comes from terminology that varies between country and brand. ‘Chunky’ yarn is a term used in the U.K. while ‘Bulky’ yarn is used in the US. Both ‘Chunky’ and ‘Bulky’ refer to the weight of yarn, but this isn’t how heavy it is, rather it refers to the increased thickness of the strand. Here at MeriWoolArt, we like to use the term Chunky. Many knitters find chunky yarn easier to work with than lighter ‘weight' (smaller/thinner) yarns because it makes fabulous big and defined stitches with extra thickness to grab onto.

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What is chunky yarn?

Working with thicker yarn fibres helps projects to finish quicker and can be really enjoyable as you gain instant gratification seeing your designs come to life. So, if you want to use chunky yarn, it will require bigger knitting needles, which typically can start at 6.0mm – 8.0mm needles. It’s not always an exact science, so remember to check your instructions or design goal as it can vary with fibre density, stitch pattern, or style of garment. 

Chunky yarn is perfect for cosy jumpers, cardigans, accessories and homeware. It produces great stitch definition, ideal for knitting or crocheting smaller projects super-fast. Easily create stylish bags, thick hats and gloves that are super soft and cosy. Also, it’s great for household items like storage baskets, cat caves, cushion covers or even lavish throws for your furniture. Create fashionable oversized garments that ooze comfort and luxury. Whatever your design, we’re sure our natural Merino fibre blends will inspire. MeriWoolArt provides a fantastic collection of ‘Chunky Merino Wool Yarn’ and ‘Super Chunky Merino Wool Yarn’. Check out our premium collection that we think is the perfect material for your next knitting project.


What is the best chunky yarn?

Chunky Merino wool yarn is considered the best natural wool, due to its softer and finer fibres.

Is ‘Chunky’ yarn the same as ‘Bulky’ yarn?

Both ‘Chunky’ and ‘Bulky’ refer to the yarn weight (thickness). Most of the time it’s a difference in terminology. Yarn size 5+ is most often referred to as “Chunky” in the UK and “Bulky” in the U.S.

How much chunky yarn do I need for a blanket?

Of course, it’s dependent on the design, but a single ball of yarn with 105 meters of chunky yarn should yield a 75cm x 125cm blanket. 

How can you tell if the yarn is chunky?

Its standard yarn weight will be 5 or higher.

What thickness is chunky yarn?

It has a yarn weight of 5, with a gauge of 12 - 15 knitted stitches (U.S. 9 - 11 needles) or 8 - 11 crochet stitches.

How do you stop chunky yarn from shedding?

Once you’ve finished your project you should wash it to help eliminate shedding.

What is chunky wool used for?

It’s ideal for knitting or crocheting smaller projects super-fast. Easily create stylish, thick and cosy hats, mitts, cardigans, accessories and homeware.

What is the softest chunky yarn?

Merino wool is considered the softest fibre for chunky yarn.

What ply is chunky weight yarn?

Generally, chunky yarn is 12 ply. 



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