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Get your hands on some top-quality 4mm 3 ply macrame rope. But, before you do let’s make sure we answer all of your burning questions. 

Here at MeriWoolArt we are passionate macrame crafters ourselves and want to make sure you have all the info you need before you purchase. We are committed to providing safe, sustainable macrame supplies so all of our products contain recycled materials and have an OEKO-TEX certification. 

So what is 3 ply, what's so special about ours and why buy it?

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What is a 3 ply macrame cord?

To put it very simply, the 3 ply refers to the number of individual threads that make up the cord. A 3 ply macrame cord is a very popular go-to type of cord for macrame projects. It is easy to use and can be untwisted and untied with ease. Especially handy if you are a beginner who may make a few mistakes, to begin with.

When undone the triple nature of the strings gives it a curly appearance, which is pretty when you are fringing.

It has more flexibility than a rope or cord with 4,5,or 6 ply or anything braided. This means it is gentler in your hands. Despite the flexibility, the trio of cords remains strong and can bear a surprising amount of weight when knotted together. 

The material 

Our 3 ply macrame cord options are all made from sustainably sourced, 85% recycled cotton blended with 15% viscose to make it more supple. All materials are OEKO-TEX certified including the dyes used and spools.

The Size and Colors

Choose between 4 or 6mm 3 ply in 20 different colors. Each shade complements the next so feel free to get creative and mix and match with your next macramé piece. 

Why choose 3 Ply Macrame Cord 4mm?

3 ply contains 3 individual threads of fibers to give it extra strength and make your projects more durable. It is one of the most popular types of macrame rope/cord to use and is easy to untie should you make a mistake. Macramé pieces can be more intricate and unique with the option of tying 1,2 or all 3 threads at any given time.

MeriWoolArt 3 ply is made using a high content of recycled cotton. This keeps it easy to untangle despite being firmly twisted, ideal for beginners to correct their mistakes. The cord meets OEKO-TEX standards, will not pill, and is tear-proof as well as fray-resistant.

3 Ply Macrame Rope 4mm Project Ideas

There are endless ways that you can apply the art of macrame to a project. Due to the resurgence in popularity of macrame in recent years, you can find a tonne of tutorials and patterns to follow online. Our blog also has some great ideas you can try so why not start there by clicking here? Below we have listed some great ideas for beginners who don’t know where to start. All you need is our macrame rope 4mm and you are good to go.

  • Beaded jewelry
  • Dreamcatcher with combed feathers

  • Decorative table runner. placemats

  • Plant hanger

  • Wall hangings

  • Woven rugs

Where To Buy 3 Ply Macrame Rope 4mm?

Craft supplies are stocked in most big-box stores as well as online. For macrame we recommend you source a stockist that specializes in macrame supplies like us.Especially if you are making gifts for family and friends or want a professional-looking finish.

Beginners at macramé will probably prefer to start off with cheaper cords before they spend lavishly on top-quality options. How much you spend can dramatically affect the finished project but if you are only practicing there is no need to waste money.

If you are looking for OEKO-TEX certified, high-quality macramé cords and ropes then you can rest assured that with MeriWoolArt you are in safe hands. We only stock products that we are proud of, that we use ourselves in our own macrame work. It is super simple to create an account with us and get shopping in next to no time.


  • What rope do you use for macrame?

Although there are a wide variety of macrame ropes you can use 3-ply, 4-ply and single twist are the most commonly used for modern macrame.

  • What cord do you use for macrame?

We always recommend you shop for a cord that is specifically listed for macrame crafting.

  • What is the difference between macrame string vs. macrame cord? 

String is a much more generic term, macrame cord tends to be twisted instead of braided.

  • What is the best size rope for macrame?

This truly depends on the project you are working on. Typically 4-6mm is suitable for most projects.

  • How is the macrame cord measured?

We sell it with length, ply diameter, and weight listed as measurements.

  • What is a macrame cord called?

Macrame cord can be referred to in many ways so don’t be surprised if some places interchange cord for string, rope, or yarn.

  • What is the best size of cord for macrame?

Again, your project will dictate the size you need. 4-6mm is most commonly used for a variety of projects smaller for jewelry and sometimes larger for ambitious projects.



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