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How much yarn do I need for my project?

This is a question we often get, and for a good reason. When you are working on that exciting project you don't want to be left with piles of unused yarn once you're done. On the other hand, you also definitely don't want to run out just before finishing your project! Estimating how much yarn you need can be a bit confusing at times, and that's why we are here to help. 

macrame rope blanket

While there are some universal formulas to calculate the yarn amount that you will need for a project, exact measurements are pretty much impossible to give. Like every form of handcraft, measurements are going to vary. The way of knitting and the natural material vary thus the thickness is never going to be exactly the same. Therefore, as a rule of thumb we recommend that it's better to overestimate the amount than to underestimate. While leftover piles of yarn can be re-used and made into other projects, being short of fabric can sometimes be a difficult (and a very frustrating) error to overcome, and that's the last thing you want when you have just poured all your creativity and effort into a new project!

Working with a specific knitting pattern the measurements are usually indicated which takes out the guesswork. But what if you're using a different fibre, adjusting a pattern, or even designing your own knitting pattern? 


Check out our guidelines and recommendations on different options on how to calculate and buy enough wool yarn for your project...


First of all, there are a number of calculators on the internet which are perfect when you want to estimate how much yarn you need for your project. Check this a popular option:

macrame rope socks

Next, we are going to explain to you how to use a formula, in case you want to be precise and calculate the measurements yourself.

Even though a bit more work, it is a useful skill to have when you are getting more advanced in knitting and even designing your own patterns. 

You will need: scale, calculator, a swatch of at least 10x10 cm using the yarn you're going to use for your project, pen, and paper.

Step 1. Make a little swatch using the exact stitch you want to use for your pattern. Make a swatch that is at least 10×10, but here goes, the larger the better. Weigh it and count your stitches and rows used for the swatch and write this down.

Step 2. Calculate the amount of meters you used for your swatch, and figure out how many stitches (total amount) your pattern will have.

Step 3. You will correlate your swatch to the pattern and calculate your metrage. Now you will know how many skeins of wool you will need for your pattern! That wasn't too hard, was it?

HOWEVER if you are just starting and calculating seems complicated or like a lot of work, don't worry! Below we've created a guideline with estimations on how much wool is needed for some popular arm knitting projects.



macrame rope information
Beanie hat: 0.5 kg
Large scarf: 1kg
Round throw pillow: 1 kg
Blanket 60 cm x 120 cm: 2 kg
Blanket 100 cm x 140 cm: 3 kg
Blanket 130 cm x 170 cm: 4 kg


These are estimations hence the exact amount of material you will need depends on a couple of crucial factors. For example, the looser you knit, the less wool is needed. This gives you a rough idea, though. 

At MerinoWoolArt we offer beautiful 100% Merino wool yarn that comes in 22 vibrant colours. Perfect for giant crochet and arm knitting! 

We hope this article took away some confusion about how much wool yarn is needed for your project, and you are enthusiastic to start your new knitting project!

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