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If your macrame project calls for something super flexible that offers the perfect balance between soft and durable then T-shirt yarn is probably a good shout.

T-shirt yarn provides the idyllic characteristics needed for any project that needs a little extra suppleness without compromising any strength.

Read on and find out all about our T-shirt yarn and get the answers to some of your frequently asked questions as well.

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What is T-shirt yarn?

T-shirt yarn is a crochet and knitting medium that is also known as "cotton ribbon" and T-Yarn. It is softer and far more supple and stretchy for knotting together but doesn’t have any less durability.

Cotton T-shirt yarn

MeriWoolArt cotton T-shirt yarn is gentle and easy to process whether you are using it for crocheting, knitting, or macrame. 

The reason it is so perfect to work with is down to its special mixture of recycled cotton yarn (85%) and hard-wearing viscose (15%). 

We steer clear of poorer-quality materials like polyester. Our yarn, therefore, feels unique in your hands.

T-shirt yarn vs cotton ribbon yarn

As with other macrame crafting supplies, the names that different companies adopt or lean towards for their products vary and can cause confusion. But T-shirt yarn and cotton ribbon yarn are identical products. 

Sometimes cotton ribbon yarn is chosen over the name T-shirt yarn to distinguish it from a product that may contain recycled material.

Crochet projects ideas for T-shirt yarn

With a name like ‘T-shirt yarn’, it is unsurprisingly an apt yarn choice for all your wearable macrame projects. But, you can also use it for just about everything else. It has superior stability and can be used for larger home furnishings like floor poufs. You can take a look at some T-shirt yarn projects below.

Wall hanging

Wall hangings look great when made with cotton ribbon T-shirt yarn. It lays nice and flat and has a heavier weight than some macrame cords so it's ideal for hanging projects. 


Another fab idea could be to use your T-shirt yarn to make table placemats. They are machine and hand washable and the designs can be as simple or as intricate as you like with block colors or mixed colors and patterns.


T-shirt yarn is absolutely great for making your own handbags and purses, it can hold items really well if you knit or knot closely with a smaller hook or needle. It also stretches a little to accommodate bigger items if necessary. Find yourself a T-shirt yarn crochet pattern and make your own fashionable accessories.


With the extra stability that T-shirt yarn provides it is perfect for craft projects that need to support any weight. Try it out as a toy organizer/holder/basket and have a hand-made home storage solution you are proud to show off to your guests.

Gift wrapping

If you are a beginner looking for a really simple project to try then why not take a look at some gift wrapping ideas that can be achieved with T-shirt yarn.

(linked the project internally on future DIY crochet ideas for a blog post).

Shop for high-quality T-shirt yarn

There are a variety of ways that crafters can get their hands on T-shirt yarn but not all supplies are alike. If you have been stuck wondering where to buy T-shirt yarn that is of professional quality, then you are in luck! 

MeriWoolArt products are made and sold by macrame enthusiasts. This means if we can’t work with it, we don’t stock it! All our products are comfy on the hands and easy to craft with.

Not only do they feel good, but they are OEKO-TEX certified as well-meaning they contain nothing harmful, which is important when you are doing manual crafts.

We are also, as mentioned, ethically focused and trying to do our part for the environment. So we source materials conscientiously. All of our cotton T-shirt yarns are made using 85% recycled offcut materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. So when you buy with us you are also making a contribution towards helping to save the planet as well as promoting ethical manufacturing.

You can buy any of our products online in a matter of minutes by creating yourself a MerriWoolArt account. It is a hassle-free process and once you are done you can shop freely. We stock many different types of cords in addition to our cotton T-shirt yarn and everything is available in a variety of colors.

Get started with your account setup and get the high-quality macrame supplies that you may need delivered right to your door with ease today. Ready, set, T-shirt yarn shop!


What type of yarn is T-shirt yarn?

T-shirt yarn is a well-worn, soft but durable, macrame, crochet, and knitting medium that provides a fair amount of stretch. It weighs a little more than some macrame cords, giving it a wider application of uses.

It can be a 100% cotton yarn or a blend. Our T-shirt yarn is a mixture of recycled cotton and viscose for elasticity. We never use polyester.

Can you buy T-shirt yarn?

MeriWoolArt currently stocks two different types of T-shirt yarn to choose from: standard and shiny lurex, the latter of which has metallic threads that catch the light and give your projects extra glitz and glam. This is especially great for wearable crafts and home decor. Although we only sell one thickness, our T-shirt yarn comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

What size is T-shirt yarn?

Our T-shirt yarn is extra long. At 150 meters you no longer have to ask "How much macrame rope do I need for my project?"  It is a neatly spun cotton ribbon, with a thickness of 10 mm and you are guaranteed to have enough material for a 90 cm long scarf with one spool (280g).

What is the best cotton yarn?

One with stretch and flexibility thus making it easier to craft with. Our yarn is made with 85% recycled cotton making it easy to knot and knit as well as sustainable. We only source high-quality recycled cotton typically unused offcuts that are processed meeting an OEKO-TEX standard so you can rest assured it is non-hazardous. 

What can I do with T-shirt yarn?

T-shirt yarn can be used for everything from purses and backpacks to home furnishings like plant hangers, cushions, and even floor poufs. This is because when it's tightly knotted or woven it has superior stability.

If you don’t want a heavy-duty project with a stiff finish you might want to use a larger hook (typically an 8mm +) when working with this type of yarn for a looser finish. 

Like most craft yarns the project possibilities are only limited by your imagination and skill level.



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