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Passion for knitting inspires the rainbow of colours of natural wool and recycled cotton yarns for you to choose from. Here you will find macrame ropes, merino wool yarns, t-shirt yarns. We meet you where you are on your knitting, crocheting and macrame journey. MeriWoolArt is a premium yarns shop for knitters, macramers, and fiber artists. Let's cultivate together the crafts of macramé, arm knitting, knotting, crochet, craft, and home decor.

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At MeriWoolArt, we never compromise on quality and offer carefully selected collections for you. Here, you will find exceptional and colorful yarns and ropes for your macramé and knitting projects, blankets, bags, rugs, poufs, pillows, decorations, jewelry and other knitwears and fashion accessories. Get inspired by vivid and trending colours, yarn types and rope styles. Whatever you are looking for, you have got options. The choice is yours.


Home decor, crafts and lifestyle, all inspired by pieces made with MeriWoolArt trending wool, cotton yarns and macrame ropes. Check our best picks, developed with love, appreciated by our customers. There’s nothing more beautiful and satisfying than crafting things yourself. Through a carefully curated collection, we hope that you will be able to transform and brighten any place into a unique space of your own - making it even more your home.


Top Quality

Really a great product! I have ordered several colours and everything was very to my satisfaction!

Anne-Katrin Stein

Perfect for giant blankets

I bought 2 x 4.5 kg balls and I am super happy with the wool and the result of 2.5 x 2.5 m blanket. Wool is very soft and easy to process with care, mistakes can also be easily fixed.


Very good quality

The wool was very easy to work with. Made my dream blanket in 5 hours. Super quality.

Bärbel Schmidt

Ideal for Beginners and Professionals

Big Colour Collection & Consistency

Ideal for kids and beginners, trusted by hobbyists and professionals. Enjoy high quality unique macrame ropes, cotton cords and merino wool yarns, big colour collection, meticulous size and colour consistency, and user-friendly tutorials. If you are ready, click on the button to select the products, and start crafting today!


We are open to new partnerships and collaborations, so if you have any wholesale inquiries, we would love to hear from you!

Each time you support our small business and want to collaborate, an actual person in our team does a little happy dance. We truly hope that you enjoy our crafting supplies, quality yarns and ropes as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. We are open to new partnerships and collaborations, so if you have any wholesale inquiries, we would love to hear from you!



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