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How to knit a baby blanket

A baby blanket is an excellent first-time project with chunky knit yarn. They are a smaller size for starters than an adult-sized blanket or sofa throw.

There are tonnes of knitting stitches that you could use to make a baby blanket. So a pattern is usually a good place to start. If you are looking for inspiration or where to find a great chunky knit baby blanket pattern then you are in the right place. 

In this blog post, we are going to take a quick look at 3 simple baby blanket patterns and go over some of your frequently asked questions too.

Step 1 - Prepare the material needed

When it comes to what materials you need to make a chunky baby blanket you have to first have an idea of what type of blanket you have in mind. 

When knitting with chunky wool you use typically larger knitting needles. There are even some methods of finger and arm knitting which you can adopt for chunky knit blankets but sometimes a closer stitch is better for curious infants.

First, you need to choose the wool. Here at MeriWoolArt we stock two chunky styles of 100% merino wool which is super soft and perfect for comforting a baby. Choose between chunky at 2cm/23 microns or super chunky which is 4-5cm thick and 25 microns.

In addition to wool and needles (if you are using them) you might want scissors and a tape measure to hand.

Step 2 - Make a slip knot

Tie a simple knot at the start of your yarn (you can trim and tidy strands later) then make a loop and tie it. Next, run your working yarn through the loop to make a slip knot. 

Step 3 - Cast on

Place your needle or fingers through your slip knot loop and cast around your second needle to pull through a new loop. Or reach through and grab the yarn with fingers if you are going needleless. 

Repeat the step to cast on the required amount of stitches from your pattern for your first chain row.

Step 4 - Making your second row

Swap your active needle and slip it through each stitch wrapping your yarn between the two needles and picking the working yarn up each time with your needle to create a new loop. Repeat until you have finished each stitch.

Step 5 - Continue knitting

Following your pattern continue knitting or purling your stitches (in accordance with the pattern) swapping your needle from hand to hand between each row.

Step 6 -Casting off to finish

Once you have completed knitting the required amount of rows then you need to cast off to finish your knitting. 

Knit two loose loops and slide your left needle into the first stitch and use it to pull the first stitch over the second. 

Now knit another loose loop, so that you once again have two loops pull the second loop over the new third. 

Now repeat the process until you have no stitches remaining and tie a simple knot.

MeriWoolArt - chunky baby blanket pattern collections

Garter weave baby blanket

This pattern is a little trickier and better suited to chunky rather than super chunky wool.

Step 1 - Cast on

Cast on 77 stitches following our instruction above.

Step 2 - Row 1

Knit 7, (purl 3, knit 9), repeat this for the following 5 rows and then purl 3 and knit 7

Step 3 - Pattern changes

Knit 4, purl3, (Knit 3, purl 9) gain repeat the process for 5 more rows then knit 3, purl3, Knit 4

Step 4 - Following on

Repeat the pattern for row 1 and then knit one entire row of plain simple knitting

Step 5 - Pattern changes

Knit 13, (purl 3, knit 9) repeat 5 times then knit 4

Step 6 - Reverse it

Knit 4, (purl 9, knit 3) 5 times, purl 9, and knit 4

Step 7 - Repeat it

Repeat step 5 and then knit one entire row of plain simple knitting.

Step 8 - Keep knitting!

Repeat steps 2 –8, 13 times then knit 8 plain rows and cast off to finish.

Checkerboard style blanket

Something a little easier to knit.

Step 1 - Cast on 

Cast 40 stitches with large knitting needles.

Step 2 - Initial pattern

Row 1: Knit 5, purl 5, Knit 5, purl 5, Knit 5, purl 5, Knit 5, purl 5- four times total.

Step 3 - Repeating

Rows 2 – 5: Repeat the row 1 pattern until you have a total of 5 rows

Step 4 - Changing direction

From row 6 onwards you change the direction by Purling 5, first then knitting 5 again four times in total.

Step 5 - Continuing on

Rows 7 – 10 follow the row 6 pattern laid out above.

Step 6 - Knit away

Now you have 5 rows of the first chequerboard direction and 5 rows the opposite. Repeat steps 2 through 5 twice more giving a total of 30 rows.

Step 7 - Finishing

Loosely cast off your stitches in the 30th row to finish your blanket. 

Easy chunky knit baby blanket

We have saved the best for beginners for last.

Step 1 - Casting

Cast on 45 stitches with large 20mm circular knitting needles.

Step 2 - Knitting

Using a seed stitch knit 1 row. 

Step 3 - Purling

Next purl 1 row.

Step 4 - Repeat it...

Now repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have 45 rows in total for an even square baby blanket that measures roughly 100cm’s squared.

Step 5 - Cast off the final row

Don’t forget to loosely cast off your final row.

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Make your own chunky baby blanket project!

A baby blanket makes a beautiful gift that one day becomes a great keepsake too. Given that a chunky knit baby blanket is so easy to make there is no reason not to try and make one of your own and give it extra sentiment.

At MeriWoolArt we have all the wool your need. Our chunky knit yarn comes in 2 different sizes and we sell it in lengths that ensure you have enough. Our super chunky is a whopping 200-meters!

All of our products are conscientiously sourced, our merino wool is 100% pure and mulesing-free as well as OEKO-TEX certified.

It couldn’t be easier to set up an account, browse and place your next order with us. 


How many stitches do you need to knit a baby blanket?

A 50 by 50cm blanket is usually plenty big enough for a baby and around 12-16 stitches should equate well depending on how loose or tight you want it knitted. For something tighter, double the amount will be needed.

What is the best knit stitch for a baby blanket?

A garter stitch or a moss stitch is a good stitch for a baby blanket as they can’t get their fingers caught up.

What is the average size of a knitted baby blanket?

The average size starts around 50 by 50cm ideal for a stroller but you may want to look at 90x 120 for a traditional crib.

What is the easiest way to knit a baby blanket?

The easiest method without a doubt is to hand-knit with your fingers.

What is the best size for a baby blanket?

50 by 50cm is ideal, you don’t use a lot of wool and it can be taken out and about with you.

How many skeins of yarn do you need for a baby blanket?

This depends on the size of the project, the size of the wool, and how much is in the skein but between 1 and 2 skeins usually suffices. Our MeriWoolArt Super Chunky Merino wool is 200-meters long so you could make at least 2 with one reel.

How do you start a new color when knitting?

When you're ready to add the second color, simply drop the first and pick up the yarn for the second color leaving a yarn tail of at least six inches to make it easier to weave the ends securely when you finish it later.

The first loop may look loose but can be tightened when you get to the final one.

If you are swapping colors and alternating, to make stripes for example, then carry the color at the edges by giving it a twist.

To finish after casting off. Trim (with a long tail) and weave the loose ends with it in with a large sewing needle along your seam and tie a small knot. 

If the color changes and knots are very obvious you can knit a border to hide them.

How many stitches should I cast on for a blanket?

For a baby blanket measuring about 50 cm, you will need 15 or 16 chunky stitches of around 3-4 cm each.

How many balls of yarn do you need for a baby blanket?

As stated above, this depends on the size of the yarn and the size of the blanket. You need about 50 meters of chunky yarn.

How many rows should a baby blanket have?

This is entirely down to the size of the blanket you are making and the type of stitches. For a finished loose chunky knit blanket at 50 by 50cm, you would want 16 stitches by 16 rows or thereabouts. For comparison, a tightly knitted blanket of the same cm’s would require 30 stitches x 32 rows and double the length of yarn.



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