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How to choose the best wool blanket

There are no two ways about it, choosing the best wool blanket boils down to how soft it is. There is nothing better than the comfort of a blanket on a winter evening. And the comfort comes from how soft the material is and just how warm it keeps you.

There are plenty of materials that keep you warm but they can cause overheating which is not what you want out of a comfort item. Genuine wool blankets made with natural wool rather than synthetic options are much better suited to helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature. It is generally more breathable and prevents overheating.

The thicker the better in terms of warmth and comfort. A chunky knit blanket just can’t be beaten.

What is a wool blanket?

Quite simply a wool blanket is one that is made with wool as a material for its weave. They can be knitted or woven.

The wool content is important, the best wool blankets are made using 100% wool fleece. 

The advantages of having the wool blanket

Wool blankets have a surprising amount of natural benefits, thanks to the characteristics of the animal fleece itself. Let’s explore some of the obvious as well as the lesser-known perks of real natural wool blankets.


As highlighted in our introduction, the comfort of wool is one of its biggest attributes. Some animal wools are coarser than others and some may find them itchy. But others, merino sheep wool, for example, are so fine they provide the softest touch. They are extremely comforting against the skin.

Temperature regulation

Wool is very breathable, it is made from finely spun fibers that trap the air between their strands. This is what helps to heat you up. But, they are not so densely packed that you can’t also keep your temperature regulated.

Defeats dust mites

If you like to keep a dust-free home, wool blankets are again better for your needs. The lanolin oil found in sheep’s wool naturally deters mites.

Defends against fungal spores

The lanolin oil also protects against fungal spores, meaning you are less likely to develop rashes and skin infections. The animal’s natural defenses and immunity are passed on to the woolen blanket as a bonus.

What makes a good wool blanket?

There are millions of wool blankets that can be easily purchased online. When you are choosing one you should pay attention to the type of wool used. 

You should try to look for how comfortable it is, the softness for wool is measured in microns.

The size and weight are also of course important. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider in a good wool blanket.

The wool material / Types of wool

There are many different types of wool. Below are some of the most common.


This comes from the first shearing of a lamb, usually, when it is around 7 months old, It is very soft and has a noticeable feel.


Is a type of wool made from goats, it is very warm and pretty soft.

Mohair Wool

This wool comes from the angora goat which has a very shiny fleece. It makes beautiful lux, light-catching products but some find it itchier to wear. There are blended versions with regular sheep wool.


Is very soft wool made from rabbit fur but can be very expensive.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is generally considered the softest and best quality wool. The fibers are super fine and so they trap more heat. It is often used for luxury apparel because of the comfort it provides.

The size and weight

The size is entirely dependent on what you intend to use it for. You could opt for something smaller big enough to wrap around your shoulders or something big enough to well and truly snuggle up in. Maybe you want something big enough to share?

The weight is also important. Some people find a heavier blanket much more soothing and calming so it, therefore, provides additional comfort.


Nobody wants a blanket they can’t use because it risks setting off their allergies. Check for hypoallergenic seals on the packaging.


If your blanket isn’t suitably breathable you might get sweaty, which is never comfortable.


Ultimately you want a blanket that is well-made so that it will last. Some gauges of wool are stronger than others, the manner in which it is spun can also make a difference as well. Some knitting stitches are stronger than others too.


A merino wool blanket is the warmest

Although cotton fleece blankets and cashmere blankets have their benefits and can be extremely soft to the touch, the warmest blankets are thicker wool blankets.

Logically, this is because the fibers trap warm air but also allow it to circulate, helping you regulate your body temperature at the same time.

As merino wool has the finest hairs, a merino wool blanket is the warmest option.

Why not make your own?

It is really easy to knit your own merino wool blanket. Especially if you use a chunky knit yarn and follow a simple arm-knitting technique. Working without needles all your need is some high-quality merino wool to get started.

MeriWoolArt offers two different chunky yarns. Our regular chunky yarn is 2cm and has a micron rating of 23(very soft). We also sell a 4-5cm version which is 25 microns and comes in a giant reel that provides enough yarn to make a king-size merino wool blanket.

We are ethical about how we source our wool so it is guaranteed as mulesing-free to ensure the lambs aren’t subjected to such a cruel practice. It is all OEKO-TEX certified as non-toxic and there are 5 fab colors to choose from.

Buying from us is safe, secure, and simple. Create your account, order your yarn, and get started with your own merino wool with MeriWoolArt. 



What is the best material for a wool blanket?

Merino wool is the best material for a wool blanket because it is super soft and traps heat whilst remaining breathable which prevents overheating.

Are merino wool blankets warm?

The fiber of the fleece of a merino sheep is finer than other breeds.  The fibers trap warm air within them and insulate really well. This is why merino blankets are not only soft to the touch but super warm and cozy as well.

How many chunky wool yarns do you need to make a blanket?

Although dependent on size, you need around 100 meters minimum to make a blanket. If you buy our super chunky wool you can make a king-size blanket with just one skein as we sell it in 200-meter lengths.

Is a wool blanket warmer than cotton? 

Although cotton-based fleece is soft and comfy and another great blanket material, wool is much warmer. Cotton is a lighter fiber and doesn’t have the same heat-retaining and insulating properties that natural wool has.

Are wool blankets itchy?

Some wools are itchier than others as we described in our types of wool section. Merino wool is one of the finest wools you can get your hands on: it is prized for its superior softness and most people love the way it feels against their skin.



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